What You Need to Know About Quick Polls

We are excited to introduce a new interactive feature that is available on version 6.0 and above when sending Messages - Quick Polls. Learn more about what Quick Polls do, how to use them, and some recommended best practices.

What do Quick Polls do?

Quick Polls allow a question with up to four possible responses to be sent through a push notification. Users will receive a notification on their phone prompting them to participate. When they tap on the notification, the app will open the question with the available responses. Quick Polls encourage engagement by allowing app users to choose a response to vote for. Once a user votes and selects a preferred response, the poll updates in the app to show the percentage of votes that have been received for each response.

Quick Polls are a great way to promote engagement by allowing users to provide feedback on a question and help users understand how others feel about the question or issue by seeing what responses have the most votes.

How do I create a Quick Poll?

First, your app will need to be enabled with Quick Polls. Contact your Customer Success Manager for access information.

1. Go to the Messages Section of the Mobile App Studio

1. Go to the Messages Section of the Mobile App Studio

Click on the Menu in the upper left corner of the Mobile App Studio and select Send a message. Next, click on Compose to create a new message.

2. Add the Poll Draggable to the Message.

The Poll Draggable allows you to send a question with up to four possible responses that users can vote on.

3. Fill-in the details for the Quick Poll

You will need to include the following components:

  • Title: The title is what appears on the lock screen of the device and will appear in the list view in the Message Center of the app.
  • Question: The Question will be what prompts the user to give a response and share their input.
  • Answers: Each Quick Poll allows for four responses. Users can tap on the answer they agree with most to share their response.

4. Add the rest of the Message Details

If you have Push Categories or Regions enabled, you can add those as needed. Next, select if you would like the Quick Poll to be sent immediately or schedule for a future date and time.

Best Practices for Quick Polls

  • Keep in mind that the responses to a Quick Poll are available to all app users so questions and answers available in a Quick Poll should not be anything that needs to remain private.
  • Think about the types of questions to send and how those will engage your users. You can include a combination of fun and more serious questions.
  • Quick Polls are a great way to enhance your push strategy and can be used along with other informational messages to engage your app users.